After teaching art for thirty-two years I retired with my husband.  We bought a small ‘fixer’ in Central NY,  began some big renovations, moved into said small house, sold much bigger previous home, continue to renovate and enjoy retirement.  In an effort to start producing some art again I decided to commit to a blog in order to post my progress in renewing an old passion for creating which had somehow taken a back seat to job, family and other commitments.  This blog is a combination of memories, thoughts and observations about my past, present and future. The connection between the images I produce and my life experiences seems to be stronger than it did in the past. Combining my drawing, painting, prints and photographs into mixed media collages has become a new direction for my work.  Hopefully readers will enjoy my circuitous journey back into art.

4 Responses to About

  1. inanoctopusgarden says:

    I love your work- there is such a comfortable confiedence to it (I am searching for that!) I have tried to wander a bit in mixed media and am finding it very fun and your work is very inspiring. I also am trying to wander a bit on WordPress to see what others are doing – love what I found here:)

  2. So happy to have discovered your blog. As I am both a bird lover and an art lover, I am thoroughly enjoying every post as I go through some of your archives. Beautiful work~! Glad you decided to blog!

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