April Showers Bring Birds

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New Visitors and Old Friends

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April Appearances

Long awaited Spring seems to have arrived in the Finger Lakes. A few early flowers keep us hopeful that we have bid Winter farewell. Along with the regular visits from the Northern Cardinal and Blue Jays came the return of the Brown-headed Cowbirds.  A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker showed up to work on our apple tree.  Project Feederwatch wraps it up. Daily visits from the local deer continue and this doe did not seem to mind the paparazzi. Goodbye gray skies. We have had enough.

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At the Feeder

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More March Birds

All of the photographs were taken from inside our sunroom. I believe the photo of the Red-bellied Woodpecker was taken by my husband. All the others are mine.DSC_0321DSC_0292DSC_0279DSC_0285DSC_0403DSC_0355DSC_0387DSC_0309DSC_0405DSC_0418DSC_0446DSC_0428DSC_0470DSC_0423

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RIP Ezra


My watercolor painting of Ezra and Big Red

What a sad day in Ithaca, NY. Red-tailed Hawk Ezra, Big Red’s mate for many seasons,  has died. He was a special creature, and I will miss his appearance at their nest site on the web cam.hawk20mezra

Ezra had not been seen on the Cornell Hawks cam or on the Cornell campus for the past several days, and worries had been mounting. Sadly, Ezra was euthanized due to a severe wing fracture that would not allow him to fly. The article can be read at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website, All About Birds.

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Recent Yard and Birdfeeder Visits

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