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Feeding Frenzy

Even though the Blue Jays have a reputation for being nasty and aggressive, they seem to get along fine with all the other birds at our feeders. Their appetites are hearty, though, and our visitors have also taken a liking … Continue reading

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For The Birds

Last night was very windy up on the nest and this morning brought more snow showers to the area.  Big Red (or Ezra) protects the eggs from the cold, wet stuff.  This winter just won’t let go; Mother Nature needs to … Continue reading

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My recent copy of Birds and Blooms magazine (February/March issue)  focused on the ten must-see birding destinations in America.  A photograph of a Pyrrhuloxia  (cardinal relative) caught my attention and motivated me to do a sketch in opaque watercolors (gouache) … Continue reading

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Stick Figures

It is officially cold when the winter temperatures hit single digits.  Areas to the north have experienced far worse conditions and have been hammered with snow.  Tomorrow we may get a snowfall of our own.  A quick trip to PetSmart … Continue reading

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Picnic Path

Today was the start of some improvements in our backyard.  The landscapers arrived, measured and dug out the area for a new patio and covered an old dirt foundation from a demolished shed with pea gravel.  The new patio will … Continue reading

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