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Robin Update

On June 1st our tree service arrived to remove three dead trees from our front yard, and five dead pine trees along the driveway. The willow tree didn’t have much time left and our Pink Flowering Dogwood just didn’t make … Continue reading

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Stepping Out

For the past month I have been watching the nests of two very busy Carolina Wrens. The first nest was located between a fence post and the garage wall. Since the nest was very close to our back door I … Continue reading

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Wren Nest Activity

Hoping to see the chicks soon. Parents are very busy feeding them all day long. Wish I had a video of one of the wrens chasing a chipmunk. It was quite a scene!

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Carolina Wrens Busy Building Nest

Spring has brought the usual nesters back to our yard. In addition to the Black-capped Chickadees birdhouse nesters, we are happy to report the Carolina Wrens have decided to rent out a crevice in the gate post in which to build … Continue reading

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Black-capped Chickadees Build a Nest

In addition to the Hummingbird activity on our front porch, an adorable Black-capped Chickadee pair is building a nest in a birdhouse which hangs to the right of our front door under a porch light. They seem to be tolerant … Continue reading

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Woodrow the Pileated Woodpecker

My birdwatching is reaching new levels as springtime brings the wonder of nesting into our yard.  A Carolina Wren couple is busy preparing a nest in a bull face basket hanging next to our front door.  I thought I heard … Continue reading

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