New Kids on the Block

It is always fun at this time of the year to watch the fledglings of different birds attempting to learn how to maneuver the bird feeding options in our yard. There is a lot of flapping and repositioning- sometimes to the trees, sometimes to the ground and sometimes just anywhere there is room for them. The parents still often feed the fledglings for quite a while. This is the case with our resident Northern Cardinals.


The most recent photographs I was happy to take were of a male adult feeding a female adolescent (or maybe a fledgling about to be an adolescent.) The black beak is seen on the youngsters…both male and female adult Cardinals have bright red-orange beaks. I was also pleased to see the return of a yound Tufted Titmouse. His/her tail was noticibly shorter than the usual adult length. The Common Grackles and Brown-headed Cow Birds are finally moving on. They have made room for the smaller birds and their exit also eased the constant need to refill the feeders. It was still fun to see all of their ‘new kids,’ too. They just have incredible appetites and no regard for my wallet.

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2 Responses to New Kids on the Block

  1. babsje says:

    Absolutely endearing photos! Best, Babsje

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