Mosaic Birdbath

It’s been a while since I posted here at WordPress. This past June I took a mosaic class at the Trumansburg Conservatory of the Arts taught by local artist and friend, Denise Milito. While teaching art for many years, I never attempted any projects with mosaic. The class with Denise was great although I struggled with both the physical demands of nipping tiles and keeping the work and my hands clean.  I managed to complete a planter and a small frame.

My motivation to take the class was to eventually repair and apply mosaic  to a broken ceramic birdbath. I collected plates and pieces I thought would repurpose nicely in the mosaic medium, and dove in, knowing well my limited experience would pose many challenges. Using both my recycled pieces and store bought baubles and tiles, I did somehow complete the project.

Once it joined the birdfeeder area in our yard, it took at least a month for me to see any brave birds wanting of water or bathing. The first noticed bird was a Blue Jay, but unfortunately I was not the person to see it. Reminded of the fact that the first step taken by one of our kids was seen by the daycare babysitter while we were at work, I again did not witness the event firsthand.

Since then a Mourning Dove, a Grackle, squirrels, and many Blue Jays have been attracted to the brightly colored basin.  As instructed by Denise, the birdbath will join us indoors for the long Ithaca winter. I might be looking for a piece of plexiglass to cover the bowl in order to use it as a side table. If that comes to be, it will probably have to be secured in a corner where my cats cannot knock it over. Good luck to me with that.




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