Carolina Wren Family

Each year I look forward to finding where the Carolina Wren couple will build their nest. This year was a return to the driveway gate and fence posts. The couple busily gathered and created a comfy spot to lay their eggs and keep them warm until

and after hatching. The post closest to the house provided a four inch wide area, protected by the roof eave and barely visible between two posts.

Once I heard the faint chirping of the nestlings, I attempted to photograph the residents. One shot, although not very clear, did suggest there were four chicks in the very small nest. As the nest noise grew louder and the parents continued to feed them non-stop, I suspected it wouldn’t be long before they would have to fledge. The nest was really not very big.

One day, after doing errands and leaving the house, I returned to see one of my cats intently watching some patio activity. To my surprise I saw a Wren fledgling…then another…and then two more! They were in the company of their parents and there was a lot of flapping and hitting of surfaces.

They finally exited through the gate, or actually under it, and expanded their departure to include the driveway and surrounding trees. Before long they were gone and into the woods. I happily spotted them all several times in the woods next to our house. Noisy but sweet, I look forward to next year’s family. Hopefully they will return.

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