Oh no, more birds!

A Brown Thrasher made an appearance at the feeders yesterday. I am always happy to see new or infrequent visitors. The Black-capped Chickdees are still busy nesting in the camper on our front porch. They seem less bothered by our intrusion into their space. Unfortunately, we only have two entrances to the house and they have chosen to raise their family at one of them. The male Ruby-throated Hummingbird is apparently making quick, but frequent visits to his feeder. Maybe the unusually high temperatures of the past two days made him hungrier or thirstier? Both the Chickadee and Hummingbird use the Dogwood tree to perch. The tree has died and will be removed on June 1st. Hopefully its replacement will also provide the necessary branches. The birdbath in our backyard gives me a close-up view of a female Brown-headed Cowbird.


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2 Responses to Oh no, more birds!

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Lots of activity in your backyard, ct — and what a thrill to see a thrasher.

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