So What is Really Important?

Every day seems to add a level of stress that I fear is unhealthy for me. Generally, I internalize most of my disappointments. Also not healthy. Social media constantly reminds me that I seem to be afloat in a sea of foul water. Not usually vocal about my positions, I now find myself drawn into the conversation, feeling my blood pressure rise with each comment that I read or write. It has become a matter of self-preservation to get back to my life. Please don’t interpret that as a lack of passion or involvement. I just need some space.

But first, some clarification. Everything I believe to be important seems to be under attack. A normally functioning human is able to deal with some opposition. I don’t expect everyone to have the same opinions that I have. When compounded, though, it all feels like a bad dream. Only, it’s not.

Again, my values do not speak to everyone. I voice my opinions to my elected officials and hope they share a similar commitment. There are many issues that are of concern to me, but these are the big ones. My list does simplify the areas, but it is an attempt to organize my thoughts. What I have to say may not be of interest to anyone. That’s fine. If you are still reading, here they are!

Family and Friends: What the future holds for my children and grandchild has become more scary than I could have ever imagined. A sense of decency, acceptance, and toleration is slipping away.

Human Rights: We owe it to each other to be protective and supportive. And peaceful.

Health: Obvious implications.

The Environment: We need to acknowledge the fact that our planet is in trouble.

Animals: We need to protect those who cannot speak for themselves.

Food and Water: We need to clean up that mess…or we will not be around to address any issues.

Education: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Period.

The Arts: We need to support those who express what it means to be human.

That said, I will continue to support what I believe to be important. My involvement in dialogue about those issues on social media will be curbed. My posts on FB and Instagram will continue to center around my family, pets, food, the Finger Lakes, and art.



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5 Responses to So What is Really Important?

  1. theartmotel says:

    This is so well said! I honestly believe you speak for most people and ironically I believe that people on all sides of the Zeigeist we find ourselves in can only agree with your thoughts and desires for our combined futures. You continue to be one of the most profoundly loving people I have the pleasure to know. Thank you for standing for yourself and love ones in a very dangerous time! All of our change can only really start at home and I know that you walk in everything you have stated. Love and thanks to you for this post.

  2. raypomp says:

    You are right, of course. I try not to focus on the commentary, and hope for the best. Rich people are not exempt from the problems of life, but they like to act like they are. Hang in there, Sis…

  3. Jet Eliot says:

    Peace and health to you, my friend~~

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