Alphabet Art: Part 6

Finishing the last seven letter illustrations still has me thinking about redoing at least one. It occurred to me that I didn’t have a drawing which featured a dog. So much of my existence is tied up with my own dog, it seemed there should be at least one canine included. Unfortunately, the only letter available was the ‘X’. I could either do some sort of X-ray with a dog, or a dog playing a xylophone. I went with the X-ray, but created a sketch of my dog Bella that turned out looking demonic. This is, of course, the complete opposite of my sweet dog. I have included the demonic Bella x-ray drawing in this post, but still may give it another try. For your viewing enjoyment, or not, are the following:

Zebra, YoYo, Umbrella, X-ray, Eggs, Quilt, and Horses


About circuitousjourney

Retired Art Teacher
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