Alphabet Art: Part 5

After drawing the giraffe from a carved wooden piece, I realized that it was one of my father’s first carving projects. I looked for his signature, and there it was! My mother decided he needed a hobby (besides golf) that would keep him busy. He progressed to do a number of wonderful decoy type ducks. My mother assisted in the painting of these carvings.

Both angels come from my many Christmas decorations. My mother and mother-in-law made me quilted tree-top angels.  My memory does not allow me to recall who made the larger angel in my drawing, but I am fond of both and think of these incredible women each time I unpack my tree ornaments. The small angel is a china bell which I have had since my childhood. It disappeared for a while until I saw it hanging on my brother’s tree.  I’m guessing my mother included it in his box of inherited decorations.

The fish on the left of my drawing is a  Chicken of the Sea tuna baker and salad server, made in California. I purchased it at Found in Ithaca, one of my favorite vintage and antique stores in our area.

Last, the vegetables are from my refrigerator. Wanting them to have a similar whimsical feel to my other drawings, I drew them with facial features. Only seven more letters left in the alphabet for me to draw. Nearing the end of this project!alphaartgiraffealphaartangelsalphaartfishalphaartvegs


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