Alphabet Art, Part 3

My daily sketch regime continues. A visit to the Salvation Army Store presented the opportunity to purchase three little pigs for reference on the pig drawing. A delicate, unglazed porcelain butterfly became the starting point for the insect page. The rest of the bugs came from photographs and my imagination. The monkey illustration utilized my sock monkeys. I can never resist buying them and fondly remember making them when I was a child. Eleven pages down, fifteen to go!monkeysalphaartinsectsalphaartpigsalphaart

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One Response to Alphabet Art, Part 3

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Incredible! I espec. like the pig chefs (cloven feet, resting in the grass) and the Insects page is so lovely. I appreciate how happy and fun the insects look–the smiling grasshopper, the feet on the lady bug, and that buzzing fly is truly a joy.

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