Alphabet Art

In an attempt to do a sketch each day, I decided to work towards illustrating some of my many collections which include a plethora of kitschy birds, cats, cows, owls, and squirrels, to mention a few. Having a three year old granddaughter made me think of organizing these sketches into an alphabet project. I have completed the first five, in no particular order. I hope to submit the finished alphabet art to a company which prints images onto blankets…or onto a poster…or into a coloring book. The possibilities seem endless, but first I will have to complete the next twenty-one drawings. Each drawing takes an afternoon and a lot of Sanford Uni-ball Roller Pens. I will probably add a capital letter to each to reinforce the beginning letter of each word. I have used a script, which is pretty, but not the easiest for a child to read. I maintain she will grow into it. So here they are.


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2 Responses to Alphabet Art

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Absolutely amazing! I love the spotted “C” in the cows and the little one’s shoed feet, the fun squirrels sharing a nut, beautiful elaborate birds, and the stripes prevalent in the kitten drawing. I started your posts from the back and moved forward and found each and every sketch a true delight. Good luck with this inspired art, cj.

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