The Cardinal Rules


The Cardinal Rules

It’s been too long since I attempted to do anything creative. Yesterday I decided to print out a number of photographs that I had taken of Northern Cardinals. After the usual cutting and arranging I squeezed out the last drops of some spray photo mount and finally started a mixed media collage. Today I went back to some formulaic steps that have been helpful in the past. Although the piece does resemble others I have done, at least I finally did something. Much of my time is spent watching and counting birds. It seemed logical to use some familiar images and hope that creativity would take flight.

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8 Responses to The Cardinal Rules

  1. parkereg says:

    “creativity would take flight…” I see what you did there. very nice!

  2. theartmotel says:

    Reblogged this on The Art Motel Blog and commented:
    Love Jane Pompilio George’s most recent collage!!!

  3. theartmotel says:

    Hope you don’t mind but I was so impressed I re-blogged it on my Art Motel Blog…So great Jane!!!

  4. So glad you made the decision to follow your creative instincts on this – very striking!!

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