Stepping Out

DSC_0648For the past month I have been watching the nests of two very busy Carolina Wrens. The first nest was located between a fence post and the garage wall. Since the nest was very close to our back door I was able to photograph much of the activity. Unfortunately I missed seeing the chicks, but assumed they got out of the nest and joined a much larger community of birds in the woods surrounding our home.

DSC_0630Another pair of Wrens (or maybe the same couple from the fence post nest) decided to build a nest in one of the impatiens hanging planters on our front porch. Even closer to the door than the previous nest, it provided a close-up view perfect for many photo sessions. Occasionally I would see movement within the nest, but was never sure if I was looking at the mother or the chicks…until yesterday.

Having just refilled the nectar feeders on the porch, I saw a Hummingbird come buzzing in, grabbed the camera and headed outside for a better angle. To my surprise, one of the Wren parents showed up with a mouthful of something.  The Wren’s mate, also flitting about, became very vocal, announcing that she/he was upset that I was in their air space.

DSC_0637To my surprise, the planter was also moving a bit and with no warning, one of the chicks bolted out, flailing somewhat as it hit the house and took a dive. Unharmed, the chick moved on foot across the driveway. DSC_0641Fledgling #1 also sported a Mohawk DSC_0652and a ridiculously short, stereotypical stand-up version of its parents’ tails.

DSC_0646Within moments more activity in the nest produced the second chick and another not so graceful exit. Fledgling #2 also hit the dirt, but continued to move on foot to the chirping of the parent still holding on to the mouthful of insect planned as a meal.

Needless to say, I was excited to finally see the chicks leave the nest. My impatiens plant was also excited to get a long overdue watering! DSC_0649

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