Back to the Drawing Board

My time watching and photographing birds has definitely taken away from time I would also like to spend on my art work. The photographs are a great resource, should I have the desire to create more bird inspired images. I did find a shot of the road on which we live. It was taken late in both the day and season (Winter which was actually Spring) and the light in the sky was a glowing peach color. Snow was still on the ground. Trees bare except for the evergreens, were basking in a warmth which hinted of future colors.  Almost wiping away the cold, blue-gray of a very long winter, everything seemed to wake up.


White Birch trees down the road stood in contrast to both the background sky and their roadside companion trees. I finally gathered the motivation to attempt to use some very neat Wallis pastel paper. The weight and grit of the paper allows for thin coats of wet acrylic paint to be used as a tone and underpainting for the pastel application. It has been a very long time since I used soft pastels, and this experience reminded me that art is a process very dependent on technique. Hopefully as my technique improves, so will the paintings.

The basement is still a great deal cooler than the rest of the house, and using my drawing table in a place where it did not require immediate clean-up and protection from curious cats was welcomed. Pastel is just too messy for a dining room table!

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