Feeding Frenzy

DSC_0422Even though the Blue Jays have a reputation for being nasty and aggressive, they seem to get along fine with all the other birds at our feeders. Their appetites are hearty, though, and our visitors have also taken a liking to the dry cat food that I leave for the stray cats.DSC_0423 In addition to the cat paw prints I see each day there are now bird tracks on the front porch, too. The deer have also been in the front yard chomping on the bushes. The pruning seems to help when everything starts growing again in the Spring. That is, of course, if Spring ever comes. We have had our share of frigid temperatures and snowfall this winter. I won’t be sad to see the end of all this cold.

My creativity has been at an all time low. I do have a number of ideas and projects I want to start, however, the motivation has been lacking. Last week the photos I have been taking of our bird feeder birds prompted me to dive back in. The resulting collage, like me, seemed to lack focus.

When designing an image I have always felt this to be of major importance.

SAM_9610 Maybe the activity of the Blue Jays diving in and out of the feeder area became my focus, rather than a specific area on the page acting as a visual focal point. In any event, I hope the energy exhibited by the Jays has translated into this collage. During a winter where the ground is white, the sun is rare, and the trees are bare, the vibrant blue hues of these birds seems a bright spot. I welcome the Blue Jays and their active, frenzied search for food.


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