First Owl Sighting?

DSC_0378 (3)I spent a lot of time yesterday watching the birds. Saw a very large, swooping bird fly over the feeders and house. Assumed it was a hawk. It had a light underbelly with brown specks.  All the bird feeder birds scattered quickly.

Then, later in the day I saw a bird with a huge wingspan fly to and land in a tree in the woods behind our house. Got a pic, but even the new camera thought the bird was too far away.  Thinking it might be the same bird from earlier…and also an owl. Could this be my first owl sighting? Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to First Owl Sighting?

  1. Carol says:

    My LOUD Mom’s a bird fanatic and I showed this post to her. She says it looks like an owl, and thinks a good guess would be that it’s a short-eared owl ( Great sighting!

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