Pretty Kitties Plus One

SAM_9543 SAM_9405Since early December I have been feeding two cats from dishes on our front porch.  I’m still not sure if they are strays, barn cats, or simply pets who enjoy a healthy snack from the neighbors. They don’t look underfed, although I could be one of many on the road looking after them. One is a ginger cat and the other a torbie. Hoping the ginger cat is also a female so that the torbie won’t be starting a family any time soon.

There has been a covering of snow on the lawns making it easy to see the paths traveled by these cats. I also see deer tracks which haven’t led to the cat dish yet. Mixed in with all these other signs of visitors was one made by a hungry opossum. Having seen one recently in our backyard nibbling on bird seed, I was not totally surprised to see his tail trail leading up to the porch. Last night he posed for me, clearly not “playing possum.”  When I opened the door he simply paused for a second and then continued to eat. SAM_9559The cats know when I am looking through the door, even when it is still closed. Their behavior towards me is becoming a little more accepting, but I am still a good distance from being able to approach them without sending them into a fast escape.

Although I do think my opossum friend is rather cute, I know he is a wild animal, and I have no inclination towards changing that.

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