FeederWatch Photos

DSC_0144This is the second year that I am participating in Project FeederWatch. Since the second week of November I have chosen two consecutive days per week to count the species of birds that visit our feeders. This year it is my goal to photograph each of these species. The count goes on until the spring, so I should be able to see quite a variety of birds. My husband received a nice Nikon camera from me and our children for his recent birthday. This model also allows him to use his other Nikkor lenses from his old film camera. He has graciously allowed me to borrow it for my bird watch.  Here are some of the recent photos I took.


American Goldfinch



Tufted Titmouse



Red bellied Woodpecker







Downy Woodpecker



Red bellied Woodpecker




Departing Pileated Woodpecker



Incoming Pileated Woodpecker



Goldfinches and Junco



Juncos and Goldfinch



White breasted Nuthatch


Mourning Dove Couple


Male Pileated Woodpecker




Mourning Dove and Dark-eyed Junco


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One Response to FeederWatch Photos

  1. Carol says:

    What a wonderful blog you have! My moms love bird watching and are participating in Project FeederWatch for the first time this year. They drink coffee while they sit and watch the feeders for hours on weekend mornings. They even bought something called a Bird Photo Booth to get close-up photographs. Crazy. Last week they spotted a pileated woodpecker in our oak tree and you would have thought they won the lottery! As a cat, I’ll never understand why humans enjoy watching birds. I mean, I enjoy watching the feeders, but find being stuck inside the house incredibly frustrating!

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