Long Time Coming


Gallery space at Found in Ithaca

Retirement finally afforded me the time to return to producing art. Not intending to exhibit or sell the work, I experimented with new processes and materials, having fun along the way.  At the end of last year I was asked by one of the owners of Found in Ithaca if I would be interested in a show in their gallery. The artists exhibiting at Found were using found materials or repurposing objects into their art. My mixed media collages seemed to be a good fit. Hesitant to commit, I gave it some thought, and with a little prodding from a friend, I accepted the offer, asking if it could be a two-person show instead. My long time friend and former sister-in-law Loretta and I would team up to do our first show together.


Meant To Hang Together

As stated in a previous post, the show is titled “Birds of a Feather.”  Loretta frequently created works using chicken imagery and I had also  recently done a series of pieces featuring birds. Without any major collaboration, we knew our colors and themes would mesh well. The end results are “perched” together at Found for the month of November. This past Thursday we had a lovely opening reception to which many of our friends and family “flocked together.”  Happily, the show seems to be well received and hopefully Found’s clientele will find it a worthy addition to the wonderful antique and collectible items offered for sale by the many dealers.


Feeding Station


Bird Sweets


Gummy Worms









We offered refreshments that also followed the bird theme.  As usual, we had way more than necessary and will be adding sunflower seeds to menus for quite a while.

Hoping some of you will be able to “fly by,”  take a “peep” at our work and decide to make a purchase to bring a piece of bird art back to your “nest!” Proceeds from the sales of my printed blank cards will be donated to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Magnets and calendars are also available with images of my pieces exhibited.  I must admit it is satisfying to see our efforts in an exhibit.  This was a long time coming. Maybe next year Loretta and I will “migrate” back to Found, if they will have us, to collaborate again.

PS We did not collaborate on our coordinated outfits. Pretty amazing we showed up looking alike.  I am not surprised.

Jane and Loretta, Birds of a Feather

Jane and Loretta, Birds of a Feather


Mixed Media


Welcome to the show


Closer View


View towards the door


Far Right


Close Up


Loretta’s Space


Opposite Wall View


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8 Responses to Long Time Coming

  1. theartmotel says:

    Reblogged this on The Art Motel Blog and commented:
    Loved flying with you Jane and looking forward to the migration next year if Found will allow us to roost and nest with them 🙂 Chirp Chirp Squawk and Cock-a-doodle-doo

  2. babsje says:

    How wonderful, what delightful images, thanks for the virtual tour, and congrats on the exhibit!

  3. Jet Eliot says:

    What a very wonderful opportunity and a brave endeavor. I trust the exhibit is going well, and applaud both of you. Congratulations.

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