Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3 Unwrapped!

As posted on the Bird Cams page, Facebook, the latest report on the progress of E3:

E3unwrappedAlmost six weeks after injury, E3’s bandage was able to be removed by the veterinarians at the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center. The good news is that E3 seems comfortable without the bandage and is holding his wing in a nearly perfect position. However, at this time, his wing has a limited range of motion. This is to be expected after being wrapped, and because of the callus and scar tissue that have formed around the break. E3 has been slowly stretching his wing at his own pace, which is great as this activity increases the flexibility of his joints. Without a return to a full range of motion in his injured wing, it less likely that E3 will be releasable, but he still has a way to go with rehabilitation before the veterinarians know what he will ultimately be capable of doing. E3 has been preening and rearranging the new feathers that grew in over the injury site and continues to be a good patient. Here is a picture of him just after his bandage was removed.

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One Response to Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3 Unwrapped!

  1. wily cat says:

    So glad to hear that E3 is making good progress. Thank you for posting the E3 updates. =o)

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