Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3 Is A Male!

As posted on Facebook Bird Cams page on July 11, 2014:

e3maleThe beloved fledgling Red-tailed Hawk known as “E3” currently being treated at the The Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center is indeed a male! Steve Bogdanowicz from the Evolutionary Genetics Core Facility in Cornell’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department determined the gender of the young bird using DNA analysis with a sample provided thanks to the Wildlife Health Center. Steve and his wife Christine Bogdanowicz (from Cornell’s Shoals Marine Lab) are avid hawk cam followers, who also enjoy following the Big Red and Ezra hawk family from the ground. By creating online photo journals, Christine shares this enthusiasm with the ever-growing virtual hawk community. Working with Cornell Lab staff, the Bogdanowiczs hope to contribute to the Bird Cam learning experience by providing future reports about Big Red and Ezra’s family tree using DNA analysis from feathers collected off the ground.

Thanks to Christine for the wonderful photo of E3 and Ezra from June 2014.

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