Friday Update on Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3

As posted on Facebook on the Bird Cam page:

Here is a follow up report from yesterday’s news regarding #CornellHawksE3:

E3and ezraThe veterinarians at the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Veterinary Center did a great job cleaning up E3’s injury yesterday and E3 is recovering quietly. While E3 was under anesthesia, the internal pin and the external fixator pins were removed. The veterinarians decided to perform additional surgery to clean the fracture site and examine the integrity of the bone. Based on the findings, it was decided not to replace the fixator and to use a “figure of 8” bandage with body wrap to immobilize the wing. During the surgery, the veterinarians could see that E3’s body has started the repair process by laying down layers of strong tissue (a fibrous callus) along the injury site. This is a good sign and means that there is healthy tissue present that is trying to heal. Everyone is doing a great job looking after E3, and have reported that he has a “great personality”!

Thanks to Birder on the Ground TRTLDOVE for the image- “E3 chats with Dad”

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