Set-back In Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3 Recovery

As posted on Bird Cam, Facebook:

For those of you following updates on ‪#‎CornellHawks‬ E3:

birdcamhawksE3 has been doing well during the past several days at the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center; however there has been a set-back in E3’s recovery. In an injury such as the one sustained by E3, the integrity of the injured tissues and bone is unknown until a number of days after the injury. Yesterday, a check-up radiograph (X-ray) revealed that the bone closest to the shoulder had slightly fragmented and shifted out of line and the internal pin was not doing its job properly. The veterinarians will anesthetize E3 again today to remove the internal pin and to decide if additional surgery is needed. The external fixator will remain in place only if functional. It is still too early to tell whether this complication will further compromise E3’s ability to be released and the veterinarians are working very hard with release as a final goal. In better news, E3 is eating better, gaining weight, vocalizing when there are people nearby, and getting a lot of TLC.

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