Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3 Recovery Status

As posted on the Bird Cam Facebook page:

E3hawkrecoveryHere is our little champion E3 in his recovery enclosure. You can see a little bit of red vet-tape around the “external fixator” in the injured right wing. The external fixator pin is attached to the internal pin and both hold the fractured bone in place so that it can heal with correct alignment. It is the most common technique used for the repair of fractures of the humerus in birds. You can also see that E3 has a “tail guard” on. This helps protect a bird’s tail feathers while they are in recovery. It is usually made of a thin piece of film, like X-ray film, and placed on the underside of the tail. It is important to provide different substrates to perch upon to keep raptor feet healthy. In this picture, E3 stands on a perch of astro-turf.
E3 is alert and responding very well to treatment; E3 even started eating on his own today! At the moment E3 is on pain medication and as a preventative he is also being given an oral antibiotic and an oral antifungal (to prevent Aspergillosis, a fungal disease common in juvenile Red-tailed Hawks)



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One Response to Cornell Red-tailed Hawk E3 Recovery Status

  1. babsje says:

    Thank you for continuing to post these updates here. I feel his pain, having a pin in my own right shoulder these past 30 years. It is fascinating and encouraging to see the medical expertise and compassion being used in his care.

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