2014 Red-tailed Hawk Nest

Big Red and ChicksThis would mark the third Spring I have followed the nesting activities of the Red-tailed Hawks on the campus of Cornell University via the live streaming web cam. Once again Big Red and Ezra are tending to three nestlings.  Windy weather conditions caused the nest of the Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Herons at Sapsucker Pond to blow away, leaving a new construction project for the returning male Heron and the female with whom he has paired . Time will tell if they will rebuild the nest. My recording of screen shots will be less extensive than in the past.  Daily check-ins will still occur, as the nesting activities are always fascinating. Heron Pair? Since my collection of photos from past seasons is quite large, I have more than enough inspiration for any hawk or heron art I might need to produce.  Here are a few more of the Red-tailed Hawk nest:may8-14hawks may6-14hawks Red-tailed Hawk Nestlings

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