A Little Bird Told Me To Wing It

Rufous HummingbirdHummingbirds are amazing little birds. My two feeders and hanging planters attract a small number of Ruby-throated  Hummingbirds each year. Shrubs and ground flowers also attract these fast moving birds. Apparently they can flap their wings eighty times per second. That is a lot of wing action! The Defenders of Wildlife website has an informative fact sheet on Hummingbirds. A Little Bird Told Me To Wing It My collage hopes to capture the delicate nature of these birds along with some suggested movement. Centered are some of the flowers that will attract different Hummingbirds. I look forward to their return in late spring. For now these beauties are basking in the sun in the southern states. My cousin in Florida is enjoying them during their lovely weather and we are wondering if the same bird/s migrate to and from our respective homes.  Taking care of the feeders requires lots of attention, but it is totally worth the effort in order to see these birds close-up.  My cats watch them for hours through our windows and I totally understand the attraction to these magical and wonderful buzzing birds.

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4 Responses to A Little Bird Told Me To Wing It

  1. theartmotel says:

    You definitely captured the movement, Jane!!! Beautiful!

  2. Robin says:

    Gorgeous Jane your artistic spirit is soaring!

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