Eat Like A Bird

This somewhat warmer afternoon seemed like a good time to refill the bird feeders in our backyard. Over a foot of accumulated snow made that a little difficult, but I managed to get most of the supply back to an inviting array for my feathered friends. Eat Like A Bird The adage “Eat Like A Bird” doesn’t seem to make complete sense. Yes, they eat small seeds, berries, nuts and suet, but they don’t eat small amounts. I must replenish the feeders frequently. When it is snowing there seems to be an even larger number of birds (and species) taking advantage of our birdy buffet.  Today was also the second of four days I am counting birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count.  I have also been counting birds for the Project Feeder Watch since November. This count requires recording the greatest number of a species seen at one time at the feeders or in the surrounding trees.  Becoming better at identifying the birds as well as learning about their food preferences has fueled my low key, but enjoyable birding experience.

The above mixed media collage is smaller than my usual work, designed to fit perfectly into a double cut mat and metal frame I was lucky to purchase at a thrift shop. The repurposing of clippings, papers, prints and also display materials is my contribution to the recycling effort.

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5 Responses to Eat Like A Bird

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Love the collage! Very creative!

  2. Jet Eliot says:

    I very much agree, birds don’t eat small amounts.

  3. kgjerdset says:

    It is tough to keep up with feeding them I know! But they appreciate it, especially after such a difficult, cold winter. It’s a treat to see who comes to the feeder these days with migration. I had my first red wing blackbird on Tuesday. Such a lovely song.

    • Love the red wing blackbirds…haven’t seen them yet. The grackles and starlings are back with typical huge appetites. Also saw a red fox in the woods behind our yard…first sighting!

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