A Bird In Hand

A Bird In The HandIn most aspects of my life I don’t consider myself a risk taker. My thought processes usually rely on an emphasis of common sense. Practical, no nonsense, let’s get to the point behavior does not foster a take a chance kind of existence. I’ve never been one to dream about going fast, going high or breaking the norm. Probably the only example of reaching beyond what is logical and predictable is how I approach the making of my images…or at least I would like to think so.

My collages have freed me from thinking inside the box too much. They usually evolve into something different from my initial vision.  A combination of processes which include some technology, a good spray glue, cutting, layering, matte medium, drawing, painting and a fair amount of experimentation get me to try new directions while adhering to my training in design.

In the past I rarely worked within a theme, afraid that the work would become too literal and not leave much room for viewer interpretation. Following the blog of Carly Swenson has inspired me to attempt a thematic approach to art focusing on my love of birds and using bird adages as a starting point. As the work develops I hope that it exhibits a connection to the theme, but also becomes something more on its own.

In November of this year I will have the pleasure of exhibiting with dear friend Loretta Louviere at Found In Ithaca. I hope that working within a theme connects my work to hers and also allows us both the freedom to abandon the safe route to the birds in the woods.

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2 Responses to A Bird In Hand

  1. loretta2 says:

    Very exciting to be on this journey…flying like eagles and bopping like robins…this year will be a lark 🙂

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