Pastel From My Past

There hasn’t been a lot of art production from me in the past few months. I’m not sure what I have been doing instead.  Oh,  right, enjoying the birth of our granddaughter and tending to life in general seems to have kept me busy. Even though nothing artistic has materialized, I do keep thinking about what to do next.  Recently I was introduced online to a wonderful artist via another wonderful artist and friend, Loretta Louviere.  All three of us actually graduated from Paramus High School in the sixties.  Bernadette Decesare creates mesmerizing pastel paintings as well as oil paintings. One of my dearest friends, Deborah Fowler Greenwood,  also does phenomenal pastel paintings as well as watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings. I had the honor of working as a high school art teacher with Debby for twenty-four years.  Her work, skills and teaching were always inspirational to me. Watching her in action was probably more educational than all of my college experiences. Pastel Still LifeAnyway, it is the pastel work of both these women that movtivated me to dig up a pastel still life I did as an example for a classroom assignment.

It has gotten a little ragged from all the moves, but it has survived for the most part. Hoping to capture some realism, since the assignment was based on a similar set up, I worked in some layering of colors and obvious strokes to help define the forms and space and give the composition a bit of energy. This piece was done on my dining room table when we lived in NJ.  I’m still doing most of my work on that same table, although during the holidays it is more likely to have food for eating rather than for drawing or painting.  Remembering how much I enjoyed working on this is possibly a good reason to further explore the medium.  And I still have that beautiful Wallis sanded pastel paper that remains guarded in my flat file while it waits for me to get up enough courage to use it.

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