Collage Block Tetris

Last year I had fun creating thirty small collages which were mounted on small pieces of wood.  At first I arranged them on the glass topped shelf of our coffee table.  The coffee table displays change frequently.  I like to think of the table as a small horizontal gallery with rotating shows.  When the collage blocks were removed for the next exhibition, they ended up spending time in a box in our basement with the rest of our permanent collection of art.  Collage Block TetrisEventually I realized that a shadow box frame originally sold by Red Envelope and purchased by me at a local thrift shop would easily hold a number of the blocks.  After multiple attempts I finally utilized the space in a Tetris inspired arrangement.

I only remember playing a few of the earliest video games.  Tetris was an easy favorite of mine.  I recall an almost addictive need to play the game. Promising my children it was soon to be their turn, I ignored their pleading and selfishly continued with my own game.  Sure that my art background had something to do with my ability to visualize spatial relationships, I somehow justified this obsessive game playing with the practicing and honing of my art skills.

Anyway, the final compilation in the shadow box frame left four unused blocks.  Hokusai CollagesTwo, which used the packaging from an art cube puzzle of  Katsushika Hokusai prints fit nicely into another small shadowbox frame.  The remaining two sit alone on the bookshelf. My frequent visits to the thrift shops will no doubt create another opportunity to pick up some sort of display option for them.  We have a small home with a great many pieces of art hanging on the walls.  Much art is also stored in the basement.  Rotating our special exhibitions is not uncommon and many of the walls in our home have groupings.  A larger home would allow for more breathing room between pieces.  Less art would also be an option.Stand Alone Collages Given our ongoing support of artists, our own artwork and a compact home, grouping seems to be the only answer.  Luckily I seem to be able to apply my spatial skills to art hanging as well.  Now if only my measurement skills were better,  there would be less nail holes in all those walls.

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