Delaware in Riverton

It has been way too long since I have taken out the paint and art supplies.  You would think having a beautiful new (old) drafting board/ flat file would provide the necessary motivation to get back into regular art production.Flat File Maybe the summer months provided too many diversions.  Any number of excuses wouldn’t change the outcome.  I just need to schedule time, like everything else, in order to accomplish anything creative.

The fabulous piece pictured here was purchased at Found in Ithaca, an also fabulous multi-dealer antique and vintage marketplace located right in Ithaca.  The piece was made in the 1940s in the Cornell University Cabinet Shop,  and was probably used in the School of Architecture.  The right side of each drawer has a loop in which a lock would fit, suggesting many students shared the drawer space.  A little work needs to be done in order to adjust the drafting board angle easily.  For painting and collage, I would need the table top to be flat.  The pictured angle is perfect for dry media drawing.

A trip to NJ in August (to attend the baby shower of our son and daughter-in-law) provided me with the opportunity to photograph the lovely banks of the Delaware River in Riverton.  Riverton is a sweet spot (also the home of my sister-in-law, who generously provided us with a place to stay) and a great town for walking.  Picturesque streets with well manicured properties,  a mixture of historic architecture from many eras and the bonus riverfront all presented a nice change of scenery while walking with my dog, Bella.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a number of shots of the waterfront and the Riverton Yacht Club.

One particular photograph of trees with cast shadows has become the subject of my watercolor painting.

SAM_6053Although overworked and lacking the ‘controlled spontaneity’ to which I aspire,  I feel that at least an attempt was made to  give creative form to a pleasant memory of our trip.  The Tacony Palmyra Bridge peaks through the center of the landscape. The bright summer greens and deep cast shadows drew me to this compositon (the one thing I like about the painting!)

Painting with watercolor, like anything else, does not become easier with long stretches of inactivity.  I guess it is safe to say it is time to get back to the both literal and figurative drawing board!

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