It’s been a while since I checked in on the Cornell Lab Web Cams.  Both the Red-tailed Hawks and the Great Blue Heron have left their nests and are hopefully out enjoying the summer months in and around Ithaca.  Unfortunately, upon a quick check of the web cam, I found this sad post:

August 09, 2013

Sad Hawk News From Campus

“There is sad news to share today. Though we aren’t sure that they are “ours,” two juvenile hawks were found on campus this morning. One had died, possibly overnight in the terrible thunder storms that we had, and the other has a badly injured foot and extensive abrasions to both legs. We are currently awaiting autopsy results for what may have killed the one hawk. The injured juvenile is currently being treated for his injuries. It is unclear how he was injured, possibly by a prey animal fighting back. He is currently resting quietly and on a regimen of pain medication and antibiotics. We are in touch with the veterinary staff treating the bird and will give an update as soon as we know more.”

Of course it is sad that any young hawk should be found dead, but the thought that of one of the birds that we came to call our own is not alive and well is very disturbing.  My posts including screen shots of both nests and fledglings stopped rather abruptly. This post will serve as closure for me until next year.  It is time to turn some of those photos into art so that the enormous amount of time I spent glued to the computer screen will serve as inspiration to create some images in honor of these families.

Here are some parting shots from both nests.

Before The First Fledge

Before The First Fledge

Head Shot

Head Shot



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  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Good seeing these guys.

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