First Fledge on the Heron Nest

Although I missed the first fledge event in real time I was able to see a video of the take off and also capture a screen shot from the video.  (Click on the highlighted word above for the fledging video and others.)  One of the nestlings has been seen flapping its wings a lot in the past few days.  I’m guessing the flapper was also the first to fledge.  Parent VisitsParent Herons still visit the nest with food for the growing nestlings.  The nest has also become home to a large bumble bee population.  The bees and the birds seem to be coexisting, but there are a lot of bees and a lot of buzzing.  Maybe the next two fledges will be soon, as it seems as if the bees have taken over the space. The following gallery of screenshots shows the three Great Blue Heron nestlings before the first fledge.

First FledgeThe first of the three Great Blue Heron chicks has left the nest on Sapsucker Woods Pond in search of  bigger and better spaces with more fish and less bees!

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One Response to First Fledge on the Heron Nest

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Love seeing my favorite bird!

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