New Camera on the Ithaca Heron Nest

heronJY3aIt is now possible to see a third live streamed view of the Great Blue Heron nest on Sapsucker Pond.  I am happy that the lens is clean and now I have a better understanding of the size limitations of this nest.  Although the chicks have grown a lot, it was also difficult to compare their size to the adult parents.  Now when the adults visit the nest we can see the youngsters still have a way to go before catching up in size to their parents.  Here are a few screenshots from the past few days.

To see this new view go to: Under the livestream window are video captures of parent visits and feedings.


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2 Responses to New Camera on the Ithaca Heron Nest

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Always love seeing the GBH!

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