Big Happenings on the Nests

Starling in Flight Photo Bomb

Starling in Flight Photo Bomb

At this point the first Red-tailed Hawk has fledged; waiting for the next two Hawks to take flight.  Big Red still occasionally helps to feed the remaining two, although they are mostly tackling the task themselves once the meal has been deposited in the nest.  The Starlings are still on the scene, making a lot of noise and flying directly over the Hawk nest to get to their nest.

Go to this link for some Live Action on the Hawk Nest:

Here are a few more screen shots of the Hawk nest:

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

The three Great Blue Heron chicks are noisy and demanding.  They seem to have huge appetites and a great desire to be fed frequently.  If the parent is preparing to feed, the chicks will hang onto the parent’s beak in anticipation of the fish delivery.  In a flash the fish are gone.  The chicks are moving a bit more and not falling over as much.  They are looking less like dinosaurs and more like Heron everyday. Click on this link for the live web cam on the Heron nest:

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One Response to Big Happenings on the Nests

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Amazing seeing these guys!

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