Highlights On The Nests

The Red-tailed Hawks are taking up a lot of space on the nest atop the light pole that overlooks an athletic field at Cornell University.  They still receive help from their parents while eating, although they do some self feeding, as well.  An abundance of rain caused Big Red to attempt to protect her kids from the wind and cold downpours.  I think she was able to at least protect their heads.  Their balance and walking has improved, too.

Activity and noise is more common now at the Great Blue Heron nest upon a tree in Sapsucker Woods Pond at the site of Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology.  The three Heron chicks are also growing quickly, making attempts not usually successful, to down whole fish provided by their parents.  The remaining two unhatched eggs are not likely to hatch at this point.  They were probably not fertilized.  They are still on the nest, occasionally rolled by the parents, or in the way of the young nestlings.

The following collections of screen shots is from the past week.  Most of the date stamps are in the bottom left corner of the frame.

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One Response to Highlights On The Nests

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Hi cj, I enjoyed viewing all the brand new lives, thank you.

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