My, How We’ve Grown!

heronM17dThree of the five Great Blue Heron eggs have hatched.  Egg number one is five days old, egg number two is two days old and egg number three is one day old.  There is a lot of pecking on the nest and all three are eating well.  Parents are still rolling the two unhatched eggs and before long we hope to see all five competing for attention and food. These screen captures are from May 17 – 20 on the Heron nest at Sapsucker Woods Pond.

For a look at both web cams, click these links:

Over at the Red-tailed Hawk nest on an athletic field light pole of the Cornell University Campus the Hawk chicks are getting huge.  Their dark feathers are more prominent now and walking is still a challenge.  They are moving about better, though, and certainly looking well fed.

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