Red-tailed Hawk Growth

hawkM13gEveryday the Red-tailed Hawk nestlings grow noticeably larger.  They are getting some of their darker flight feathers already.  When they are standing you can see their pantaloons and very big feet.  Like all babies, these young hawks are adorable.  Stability has improved and walking is a little less spastic and slap stick.  Their dining behavior still leaves something to be desired by me, but I understand they are genetically programmed to eat freshly killed prey.  Occasionally the uneaten remnants are left on the nest and can be seen under and around the napping nestlings.  Big Red and Ezra are attentive parents and don’t seem overly concerned with the neighboring Starling and nest.  I did see a little more interest when the Starling actually landed and walked on the Hawk nest.  This didn’t seem like a good idea to me, since many a meal of the Hawks have been Starlings.

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