Introducing: #1 Great Blue Heron Hatch

heronM15aThe first egg has hatched upon the Great Blue Heron nest of Sapsucker Woods Pond at 2:05 PM on May 15th.  This much awaited event is the first of five eggs to hatch.  A few of the other eggs have pipped and should be hatching soon.  To the left is my first screen shot of the little dinosaur-like Heron.  This was taken about two hours after the hatching.  It is difficult to see the neck and head definition in this screen shot from yesterday.

heronM16aHappily, today I was able to get a screen capture of the newly hatched Heron with its head and neck in profile.   I do love the pointy beak and Rod Stewart feathers on his head.  The Ithaca weather has warmed up and hopefully there won’t be any snow or ice falling on the newly hatched.  Ithaca College will be having its Commencement this weekend.  Traffic in and around the campus gets very congested.  I plan to stay home and keep an eye on the Heron nest.

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One Response to Introducing: #1 Great Blue Heron Hatch

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Those babies are going to be so cute!

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