Business As Usual Atop the Nest

Since we were in NJ for a few days to attend a family wedding, my bird web cam watching was put on hold.  Upon our return on Sunday I was able to get a few screen shots before nightfall of both Ezra and Big Red on the nest.  hawkA30gThis morning it was feeding time again when I returned to the web cam.  All three chicks received generous amounts of what I think was a chipmunk.  Luckily for me, Big Red was blocking most of the internal parts that she was offering to her babes.  They finished the meal and took a nap under Big Red.  One chick poked its head out from under mom, but quickly turned back to the warmth of her breast.  They are still pretty spastic and roll around on top of each other when trying to position themselves in a favorable spot to receive the carefully ripped pieces of whatever recently killed unfortunate has become their meal. We are still waiting for some action on the Great Blue Heron nest.  No pipping on the eggs yet, but it should be happening soon.  I can’t wait to see the heron chicks. They do have that dinosaur look and are quite comical in the early stages after hatching.

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One Response to Business As Usual Atop the Nest

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Love seeing these guys!

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