Chick and Egg Update



There are now five eggs on the Great Blue Heron nest at Sapsucker Pond.  Both mother and father continue to share responsibilities on the nest.  Dad is still bringing sticks and presenting them to mom.  Some of the sticks appear to be placed to create a higher edge on the nest.  I think I recall from last year that this was done to keep the chicks in a safe area.

The activity on the nest of the Red-tailed Hawks is a little more exciting.  As we await the hatching of the third egg, the first two chicks can be seen engaged in what appears to be sibling play.  At times it looks as if one of the chicks is a bully, but I also remember from last year that this behavior is normal.  The first meal the chicks received was a snake.  The next meal was a vole. I am guessing that one of following meals was a Starling that Big Red brought to the nest.  Starlings are nesting in very close proximity to the Hawks.  Although they pose no threat to the Hawk nest, I can’t help but wonder if Big Red just became too annoyed with their noise and presence, pushing her to take one out.  In the last screen shot I will post, a starling is at the right. Possibly Big Red left the nesting Starlings alone and just issued a warning.  Here are today’s screen shots.

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