Hatching Red-tail Hawks

The first egg hatched sometime before dawn today and the second one not long after that.  One egg has yet to hatch.  Within what seemed like a very short time, the two chicks are waiting to be fed.  The last feeding by Ezra was not easy to photograph.  Ezra stood with his tail to the camera, blocking the wind for the chicks.  They are fluffy little things with increasingly better control of their heads.  Earlier they were both sticking their heads up and then lost their balance and rolled onto their backs, providing a little hawk slapstick for us to enjoy.  Here are the screen shots I managed to get.  The jerky movement of the chicks doesn’t always provide a focused shot, but here they are nonetheless.

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One Response to Hatching Red-tail Hawks

  1. dou dou says:

    Oh, they’re so cute!

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