Great Blue Heron and Red-tailed Hawk Nests

heronA6b heronA6c I haven’t seen any activity on the Heron nest today.  Yesterday I was able to get a few screen shots.   To the left is a view from the nest.



I’m not sure that the Heron in the pond is the same male on the nest.  I like the ambiguity of surface and reflection on the pond.  Since we have had some great weather the past few days, the sky and its reflection in the water are a beautiful deep blue.



Another screen capture of the Great Blue Heron on Sapsucker Woods Pond at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Papa's Profile




The close up is of the returning male Heron. Ready and still waiting for his lady to return.

Changing of the Guard




Back on the Red-tailed Hawk’s nest on the light pole of one of Cornell University’s athletic fields, I checked in on the web cam today in time to see the changing of the guard.  Big Red is still on the eggs.




Big Red leaves her post to a dine on a special delivery meal provided by her hard working mate, Ezra.  The unfortunate victim is visible by Big Red’s yellow talons.





In a rush to get another screen capture of the three eggs and both birds on the nest, I didn’t wait long enough for the screen message to clear.  It is a good view of the eggs, Big Red’s pantaloons and Ezra’s beautiful head.

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