Twilight Silhouette

The male Great Blue Heron spent a lot of time yesterday on the nest at Sapsucker Woods Pond located at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Most of the screenshots I was able to get were either in the morning or during twilight.  Gathering information from the chat, it appears that he was also seen tidying up the nest during the night.  Another Heron, hopefully his mate,  was spotted visiting.  The male (easily identified because he is missing his rear right toe) was often seen preening.  I’m guessing he was making himself worthy of attracting his lady.

Heron Dad heronA4v heronA4w heronA4y heronA4zHappy that I checked in during twilight hours, I captured what I think is a dramatic shot of this handsome figure in silhouette above the pond at dusk. He has quite a striking  profile and should not be alone for very long.

The next few shots show him waiting patiently for her return.  “Lucy, I’m home!”

Twilight Silhouette

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