Activity on Sapsucker Woods Pond

heron25cYesterday the second camera on the heron25bSapsucker Woods Pond Great Blue Heron Bird Cam, provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology,  located some Great Blue Herons wading about and looking for fish.  heron25dThe camera on the nest is quite a distance from this pond area and the screen shots are not very focused.  Having said that, I am very excited to see them return.  It is not certain if these are the same birds from last year and I’m pretty sure that will be difficult to determine since they are not banded.  The pond still has ice and snow in spots, but seems to be returning to a liquid state.  At any rate, here is a peak.

hawk24kBack at the Red-tailed Hawk nest, I was able to get some nice close-ups of Big Red.  The camera operator is responsible for this opportunity, for which I am grateful.  One of the last screen shots I took on Sunday is of Ezra delivering a meal to Big Red, who immediately grabbed it and flew off.  This happened quickly, and thankfully I wasn’t able to get a clear view of the fresh kill.  I know this is part of nature and the process, but it doesn’t appeal to me.  Big Red’s tail, below,  is a beautiful, bright color.  It is hard to believe this nine year old bird is still looking so well.  Her face is showing some aging, but that would seem natural. She is so alert on the nest.  Both she and Ezra are experienced parents and are very much on top of their game.Big Red close-uphawk25bhawk25c hawk25e

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