Red-tailed Hawk Weekend

This morning Big Red was on the nest and was seen craning her neck to investigate some bird chatter close by.  At that moment I was unsure of whether Ezra had returned to the nest out of camera view, or if another bird was flitting around the nest.  Shadows on the light pole indicated something was moving close by.  hawk24dA small black bird (relative to Big Red’s size) flew past her and later perched behind her on the light pole. I am not sure what species this bird is, but Big Red didn’t seem interested in it.

The visitor profile is at the edge of the nest in the screen shot to the left.

So far, for today, that was the highlight for me.  The remaining shots are from yesterday and today and feature both Ezra and Big Red on the nest together as well as Big Red stretching and re-positioning herself on her eggs.  Last night was cold and windy and I am glad for the hawks and humans alike that today a little sunshine has appeared.  The remaining screen shots have been added from most to least recent.  The date and time appears in the bottom left corner of each shot.hawk24hBig Red and EggsBig Red Gets ComfyBig Red Inspects Her EggsBig Red Craning Big Red Gets ComfortableBig Red ReturnsEzra LeavingBig Red and Ezra (on eggs)

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