Communication, Cooperation and Hawks

The nest activity includes a lot of sitting around, adjusting twigs, changing of the guard, and meal delivery.  For the next thirty plus days, this will be what I will be watching.  In an effort to mix it up a bit, I will attempt to record the times when both Big Red and Ezra are on the nest simultaneously.  Yesterday only produced two screen captures for me.  Both parents are in each photograph.

Communication is KeyIn a what I consider a rare moment, it is apparent that Big Red and Ezra are looking at each other adoringly,  possibly communicating the next move.  The next screen capture shows the reason for the visit.  Ezra takes his turn on the eggs so that Big Red can grab a bite and stretch her wings.Changing of the Guard


Today looks promising. The photo to the right is Ezra arriving again to relieve Big Red.  He took his position on the eggs momentarily after this shot. All three eggs await his tender loving care…the hawk version of a stay at home dad.

Last year I had difficulty distinguishing one hawk from the other.  When unsure, the band placement, if visible, verifies my suspicions.  Happily, I have improved in this identifying process.  Possibly I am spending too much time on the Bird Cam already.  Here are two morning shots of  Big Red and Ezra.hawk23b


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One Response to Communication, Cooperation and Hawks

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    That’s so great seeing these guys in their nest!

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