Nest Update In Ithaca

Egg #3Yesterday was a big day at the nest of Big Red and Ezra Red-tailed Hawk.  Big Red laid her third egg, and for once I was at the computer when it happened.  I noticed a lot of movement on her part and when she finally stood up, voilà, the third egg appeared.  Number 3Still not sure I had just witnessed #3’s arrival, I checked on the chat and noticed the time was one minute before the screen capture I took when Big Red stood up.Three's Not a Crowd

Changin of the GuardBoth ParentsStay At Home DadEzra made a number of visits to the nest delivering well deserved meals to Big Red.  This of course is my least favorite part of the live stream experience, since it involves small, dead and often bloody creatures being torn apart as a meal.  Big Red decided to have her meal elsewhere and took off with it to spare me the scene.  Ezra dutifully assumed the protector role and made himself comfortable on the three eggs. Meal Fragment At this point I was hoping Big Red would dislodge an annoying reminder of her previous meal from her beak.  When she returned, the feather was gone.  On this first day of Spring, the snow flurries returned as did the below freezing temperatures.  Big Red had no problem.  This morning all seems well on the nest atop a light pole overlooking a Cornell University athletic field in Ithaca, NY.  Once again, thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for this great experience.Back to Work

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  1. theartmotel says:

    Love that you are blogging this!

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